Hyaluronic Microneedle Patches (Hyaluronate) Hyaluronic Microneedle Patches (Hyaluronate)

Clinical Trial on Hyaluronate (Nutra HAF)

Duration of the test: Total 12 weeks


24 volunteers (38-52 years female in good general health) per each group.


Intake 2 capsules each and 2 times a day.

- Test group contains HA 240mg & Cellulose 560mg on a daily basis.

- Control group contains no HA but Cellulose 800 mg on a daily basis.

Purpose of the clinical trial

To measure the improvement of skin conditions in terms of anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, skin elasticity,

desquomation, and safety after oral administration of Nutra HAF.

Anti-wrinkle effect

* Improvement rate (%)

Anti-wrinkle effect

Moisturizing effect (Corneometer)

Improvement (%)

Skin elasticity (Cutometer)

Improvement (%)

Desquamation (Corneafix and Visioscan)

* Improvement rate (%)


Anti wrinkle / Skin Elasticity / Desquamation