Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Studies Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Studies

The Hair Growth Activator Complex - A unique triple blend of

active ingredients


* Redensyl is a registered trademark of Induchem AG


Stimulates eyelash

growth, elongates

eyelashes, reinforces

weak eyelashes, and

decreases lash loss.

stimulate their initiation of the anagen phase. It contains two patented molecules

from Induchem companies: DHQG and EGCG2.

metabolism. Glycine is a major constituent of specific hair proteins. Zinc is added

to the composition to reinforce hair shaft structure. Zinc is essential for cystin

incorporation into keratin for a stronger hair shaft.

Redensyl ®* – An award winning active

* Redensyl is a registered trademark of Induchem AG

DHQG on hair follicle stem cells: stimulation of

their division, maintenance of their status,

protection from apoptosis (programmed cell

death), and activation of their differentiation.

of the dermal papilla cells, for a better

nourishment of the hair follicle.

the anti-irritation potential on the scalp –

irritated skin is more prone to hair loss.

Redensyl ®* – How it works

* Redensyl is a registered trademark of Induchem AG

Ex vivo test results:

In comparison to untreated control the growth rate of hair follicles was

increased by:

Redensyl ®* – Increase of hair follicle length

Visible increase of hair follicle size

* Redensyl is a registered trademark of Induchem AG

Biosaccharides® – A hair follicle energizer

intense energy needs of the follicle during the active growth.

themselves and need energy supply: A study shows that Biosaccharides®

increased the proliferating cellular activity of the hair bulb by 98.3% relative to the


growth increased by 32% relative to the control.

Biosaccharides® – Stimulation of hair growth

Incubation for 5 days in the survival

medium. Little growth of hair follicle.

Incubation for 5 days in the survival medium

containing Biosaccharides®.

Strong growth of hair follicle.

CapixylTM – An all-rounder

luscious eyelashes with a natural appearance and results.

a signal Peptide & Red clover extract.

Asia. They are rich in Biochanin, which helps reduce a miniaturization of follicles.

hair anchoring. As this peptide has a direct effect on hair follicle, the remodeling

signal increases the size of hair follicle for better hair number and vitality.

CapixylTM – Lash density evolution

CapixylTM – Number of new lashes

CapixylTM – Length evolution

Up to 0.70 mm growth after 4 weeks

CapixylTM – Positive consumer evaluation

Consumers notice a real improvement when they used CapixylTM in an eye lashes treatment.

In Summary

award winning.

eyebrows thanks to the specific brushes.

Redensyl ®: Induchem Components Ltd,  Cashel House, Estuary Business & Technology Park, Kilnagleary, Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Ireland P43 D959

Biosaccharides®: Vivasan, Str. Rybalska, bud. 22, Kiev; Ukraine

CapixylTM: LUCASMEYERCOSMETICS, ZA les belles Fontaines, 99 route de Versailles, 91160 Champlan - France