Dry masks – the game changer that may well make you believe in magic. Dry masks – the game changer that may well make you believe in magic.
Dry masks – the game changer that may well make you believe in magic.


Dry masks – the game changer that may well make you believe in magic.

In the beauty industry, new products are often launched with the promise of being revolutionary, ground breaking and having the ability to transform the world as we know it. And every now and then, something comes along that actually has the ability to deliver these. Meet the dry mask; a treatment that will hydrate, smooth, firm, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out the skin tone, and leave your face glowing.

How can putting a dry sheet on your face give you a magical glow?

There is an explanation. If you want to keep believing in magic, just skip the next bit and go straight to the really interesting part; what to expect from a face dry mask (it may change your outlook on mask treatments forever). If you, like us, are a bit nerdy when it comes to science, research, biochemistry and so on, the next section should give you some insight into how a dry mask can infuse your skin with all kinds of wonderful things (that’s our not-so-technical term for active ingredients such as Brestine, Gratuline and Voluform). 

Wearable Skincare Technology (WST)

A face dry mask is a type of wearable skincare technology (WST). This means that active ingredients have been embedded in a textile fabric. These ingredients are transferred to the skin through a biomimetic delivery system, and upon contact with the skin, the active ingredients are released and begin to penetrate the different layers of the epidermis. The vectors in the mask’s surface slowly and steadily penetrate the skin's layers as they progressively dissolve and release active ingredients. The technology also creates an epidermal reservoir to store active ingredients waiting to be absorbed (basically this means that the ingredients stay in the skin, working away, for hours after the mask has been removed).

What to expect from a dry mask

Immediate results

A face dry mask is a quick fix. By inundating your skin with ultra-potent, nourishing ingredients, your immediate reward will be glowing skin, it’s like every pore is smiling. But a radiant complexion is just a welcome side effect, the true benefits of a face dry mask come in the form of the ability to truly combat signs of ageing by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation, when used on a regular basis.  

Why go dry if you want to hydrate?

It’s ironic really, but water and liquids can actually have a dehydrating effect on your skin. Put simply, it’s because it can strip the skin of (natural) oils. The face dry mask technology means no mess, which in turn means no rinsing after treatment. This means that the skin will make the most of the nutrients and remain rehydrated and that the precious ingredients remain in, and on the skin, and continue to work for hours. Genius.

A face dry mask at a glance

  • The visual and physical benefits fall into four main categories: firming, brightening, hydrating and anti-wrinkle effects. In other words, everything you need to combat typical signs of ageing.
  • A treatment takes just 15 minutes, yet the ingredients keep working for a further 8 hours.
  • Being completely dry means the mask will not attract nor grow bacteria, and is laden with enough ingredients to be used multiple times.
  • A dry mask is easy to use – the design of the mask allows it to adapt and fit   snuggly   and comfortably on the contours of your face. This is important to ensure that active ingredients are properly transferred.

Is this the most revolutionary, ground breaking, technological development in at-home beauty treatments around today? Well, we can’t say for sure, but what we do know is that the results are pure magic.

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